Pepperdyne require each client to go through a full KYC (Know Your Client) check.  Please see below what is required to move forward with the investment process.


Please make sure that you have supplied all the following compliance documents regarding your investment with us at Pepperdyne (all documents must show 4 corners):


*All documents need to be legible,because we have to read them.


– Passport full scanned copy or photo in color showing all four edges, or the following, Driver License and Identity Card (front and back)


– Utility bill showing your name and address, no older than 3 months. (water, electricity, internet, gas or a lease that specifies your physical address)

Please ensure that the address on the document matches the address you provided when you applied for your account. Please note that we require a document confirming the physical          address of the identity (we DO NOT accept P.O. Boxes)


– Credit card, scanned copy or photo in color of the front and back sides. The copy of the front should show the Card holder’s full name, the first 4 and the last 4 digits uncovered, on the back of the card you must cover the CVV (security code), and must be signed.



PDF Documents on your name that need to be print, fill out, sign and sent back,please fill in all the blanks, in order to accept the documents. (all documents must show 4 corners):



– Credit Card Verification Form

– Registration Documents Check List

– Risk Disclosure

– Acknowledgment and Agreement